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Co-writers and directors David Moreau and Xavier Palaud's French-language horror picture Them take audiences on a ride of sheer terror as a couple fight for their life when an assault on their home turns deadly. The story opens with the homicide of two Romanians -- a woman and her young daughter -- who crash their car along a rural road and are promptly butchered by a shadowy figure. Meanwhile, in Bucharest, schoolteacher Clémentine (Olivia Bonamy) climbs into her car and drives to the isolated mansion that she inhabits with partner Lucas (Michaël Cohen), not far from the site of the murders. Soon the couple overhears someone stealing their car, but a call to the police accomplishes little. The lovers gradually realize that an outsider is attempting to break into the house with homicidal intent. Thus begins a nasty, brutal battle of wills that can only end in the death of the victims or the assailants.

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Special Features The making of Them Composer Rene-Marc Bini featurette The Torture of Clementine featurette Trailers English subtitles

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