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Based loosely on Waite Hoyt and Mickey Cochrane, major league baseball players moonlighting as vaudeville entertainers, this early musical comedy starred Gus Van and Joe Schenck, genuine vaudeville headliners famous for their humorous ethnic ballads. On their way to winter practice, Jack Glennon (Schenck) and Jerry Burke (Van) dally with Daisy (Mary Doran), a vamp misrepresenting herself as a naive girl. The gold digger manages not only to ruin Jack's relationship with longtime girlfriend Mary (Bessie Love) but also causes a breakup with Jerry, his vaudeville partner. When Daisy inevitably leaves for greener pastures, Jack discovers that Mary has pledged herself to Jerry. The latter's team, the Blue Sox, is in the World Series but their pitcher keeps striking out. Jack gets a second chance, but because of his damaged relationship with both Daisy and Jerry, he too proves a bust. When all hope seems lost, Jerry courageously steps aside and Jack, reunited with Mary, leads the Blue Sox to victory. In between the baseball footage, Van & Schenck perform some of their vaudeville routines, including "Harlem Madness," a lavish production number featuring African-American charmer Nina Mae McKinney, and "Ten Sweet Mamas," pure camp performed in the Blue Sox locker room.

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