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El Diablo Rides (1939, B&W): Tough-as-nails cowboy Bob Steele rides into the lawless town of Borderville searching for the man who shot and killed his father. His prime suspect is Buck Lambert, who uses the town as a base for his band of smugglers. Each person Billy meets threatens him with violence. What the cowpoke doesn't know is that Borderville is a tinderbox about to explode as the authorities and Lambert prepare for all-out war. Starring Bob Steele, Kit Guard, Ted Adam, Claire Rochelle; Directed by Ira Webb. Billy The Kid's Range War (1941, B&W): Billy the Kid is wanted for a string of murders committed by an imposter. It's all part of a scheme by town boss Pete Williams to keep stage coach owner Ellen Gorman from completing construction on a critical road project. If she fails to finish on time, her company and all her assets will be taken over by Williams. Billy infiltrates the gang to thwart the crooks and clear his name. Starring Bob Steele, Al. St, John, Joan Barclay, Rex Lease, Karl Hackett; Directed by Sam Newfield.

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