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A beloved movie comic of the 1930s and 40s, Mantan Moreland (1902-1973) is best remembered today for his portrayal of Charlie Chan's nervous chauffeur, Birmingham Brown. Usually the comic relief in mystery and horror movies, Moreland's broad, bug-eyed performances are often the highlight of many otherwise routine B pictures. In his heyday his popularity broke racial boundaries, appealing to white and black audiences alike in a time of oppression and intolerance. This Double Feature collects two of Moreland's best performances. SPIRIT OF YOUTH (1938; B&W; 66 minutes): This cautionary morality fable features real-life champion Joe Louis stretching his acting chops as up-and-coming boxer Joe Thomas. Mantan Moreland co-stars as Thomas' best friend and moral compass. Tempted and seduced by quick money, easy women and fast times, Thomas falls victim to the corruption of fame only to repent in the arms of his loving childhood sweetheart. Starring Mantan Moreland, Joe Louis, Edna M. Harris, Mae Turner. Directed by Harry Frazer. LUCKY GHOST (1941; B&W; 61 minutes): Comic geniuses F. E. Miller and Moreland team up hunting for riches in Lucky Ghost, a comic cavalcade of hilarious vignettes that features the starring duo, a host of guest stars including legendary black performers Maceo Bruce Scheffield, Nappie White and Florence O'Brien and a gaggle of otherworldly spirits who haunt a casino where luck has nothing to do with getting out alive. Starring Mantan Moreland, F. E. Miller, Maceo Bruce Scheffield, Nappie White. Directed by William X. Crowley (AKA William Beaudine).

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