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A sleazy con-man torments a mentally handicapped youngster who's obsessed with Easter, only to incur the wrath of a murderous lunatic in a frightening rabbit mask. Remington (Timothy Muskatell) is a violent sleazebag of the lowest order; after gaining the trust of a lonely single mother, he leaves her gentle son Nicholas in the care of a child molesting drug dealer while he heads out to party with some hookers. Meanwhile, Nicolas forges a bond with his new pet bunny that helps him deal with the debauchery that's taken over his life. Later, Nicolas' abusers all begin falling prey to a malevolent killer with a bunny mask, and a bitter grudge.

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Special Features 15 Minute Making Of, "F%@$#Up" The Casting Woes of EBKK Director Commentary Ferrin Trailers

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