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The Legend Of Bigfoot (1976, Color): A primeval savage lurks in the dark forests and rugged mountains of the world's most remote regions. The native tribes of North America know the beast as Bigfoot. One man, professional animal tracker and amateur nature photographer Ivan Marx, chronicles his lifelong quest to film one of the fabled creatures in its natural habitat. Following his own theories and eyewitness reports, he moves inexorably toward a final confrontation with the mysterious monster known as Bigfoot! Starring Ivan Marx and Peggy Marx; Directed by Harry Winer. Snowbeast (1977, Color): While skiing down a snowy trail at a Colorado resort, a young woman is viciously attacked and carried off by a monstrous beast. Her bloody, mangled corpse is soon discovered - the first of many - and a wave of panic rages through the remote mountain community. As the carnivorous creature snatches more terrified victims from the snow-covered hills, a hunting party sets out to track it down and kill it. Starring Yvette Mimieux, Clint Walker, Bo Svenson, Robert Logan;Directed by Herb Wallenstein.

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