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Disc #1 Rockin' In The Rockies (1945) (feature film with Curly) Have Rocket--Will Travel (1958) (feature film with Curly-Joe) Columbia Color Rhapsody cartoons: The Bon Bon Parade (1935) The Merry Mutineers (1936) A Hollywood Detour (1942) Disc #2 SHEMP HOWARD solo shorts: HOME ON THE RANGE (1938) - An Andy Clyde comedy. After getting bit by Andy's dog, Andy;s wife & brother-in-law (Shemp) plot to kill the dog. Andy over hears this and thinks they are trying to kill him. Hard for animal lovers to watch. THE GLOVE SLINGERS (1939) - The Glove Slingers series Fight promoter Shemp hires Noah Beery Jr. (Rockford Files) to be the new boxing champ, fighting his girlfriend's brother! MONEY SQUAWKS (1940) - An Andy Clyde comedy. Railway station operators Andy & Shemp watch over a payroll that arrived, protecting it from bandits. Their antics make this one of the best solo Shemp shorts made. BOOBS IN THE WOODS (1940) - An Andy Clyde comedy. Shemp is the brother-in-law again as he joins Andy & his wife on a hunting trip. His abrasive personality keeps this from being as good as it could have been. PLEASED TO MITT YOU (1940) - The Glove Slingers series. School kids are having a party at Shemp's house. The kids prepare the food just as Curly would, but without his bewilderment. They even mistake a pot-holder for fresh cake & put icing on it. PICK A PECK OF PLUMBERS (1944) - with El Brendel El Brendel & Shemp basically re-make "A Plumbing We Will Go". Neither directly takes on the role of any Stooge, but they merge some of the Stooge roles for two characters. OPEN SEASON FOR SAPS (1944) Marital mix-ups as Shemp enters the wrong apartment to find his old girlfriend and her insanely jealous husband. OFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN (1945) - with Christine McIntyre, Joe Palma (who later impersonated Shemp after Shemp died.) Despondent Shemp hires a gangster to do him in. WHERE THE PEST BEGINS (1945) - co-starring Tom Kennedy with Christine McIntyre Almost like a RKO Edger Kennedy Comedy as Shemp antagonizes his new neighbor Tom. A HIT WITH A MISS (1945) - with Charles Rogers, Joe Palma (who later impersonated Shemp after Shemp died.) Shemp again re-makes a Stooge comedy. Here it is "Punch Drunks", complete with stock footage from that film. Shemp is the punchy waiter replacing Curly. Mr. NOISY (1946) - with Vernon Dent Re-making Charley Chase's "The Heckler", Shemp takes on the role of an obnoxious loud baseball fan at the game. JIGGERS, MY WIFE (1946) - with Tom Kennedy, Christine McIntyre Again Shemp has a suspicious wife. SOCIETY MUGS (1946) - co-starring Tom Kennedy with Snub Pollard, Vernon Dent, Christine McIntyre. Tom & Shemp re-make the Stooges "Termites of 1938" as exterminators who are mistaken for party escorts. BRIDE AND GLOOM (1947) - with Vernon Dent, Christine McIntyre. After being late for his wedding, Shemp's fiance doesn't believe that the blond girl with Shemp is just an innocent situation. To make matters worse, Shemp keeps running across the same blond woman, causing chaos. Another solid Shemp solo comedy. Disc #3 Joe Besser solo shorts: WAITING IN THE LURCH (1949) - with Vernon Dent, Christine McIntyre. DIZZY YARDBIRD (1950) - with Emil Sitka FRAIDY CAT (1950) - with Tom Kennedy, Joe Palma. Re-make of the Stooges "Dizzy Detectives" AIM, FIRE, SCOOT (1952) CAUGHT ON THE BOUNCE (1952) SPIES AND GUYS (1953) - with Emil Sitka THE IRE CHASER (1954) - with Vernon Dent, Christine McIntyre, Joe Palma. G.I. DOOD IT (1955) - with Emil Sitka HOOK A CROOK (1955) - with Dan Blocker (Bonanza), Tom Kennedy, Joe Palma. A re-make of the above "Fraidy Cat" which was a re-make of the Stooges "Dizzy Detectives". ARMY DAZE (1956)

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