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Jingoism, beefcake, military hardware, and a Giorgio Moroder rock score reign supreme over taste and logic in this Tony Scott film about a maverick trainee pilot (Tom Cruise) who can't follow the rules at a Navy aviation training facility. The dogfight sequences between American and Soviet jets at the end are absolutely mechanical, though audiences loved it at the time. The love story between Cruise's character and that of Kelly McGillis is like flipping through pages of advertising in a glossy magazine. This designer action movie from 1986 would be all the more appalling were it not for the canny casting of good actors in dumb parts. Standouts include Anthony Edwards--who makes a nice impression as Cruise's average-Joe pal--and the relatively unknown Meg Ryan in a small but memorable appearance.

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Special Features - Commentary by Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Director Tony Scott, Co-Screenwriter Jack Epps, Jr., Captain Mike Galpin, Technical Advisor Pete Pettigrew and Vice Admiral Mike McCabe - Vintage Gallery - Tom Cruise Interviews Featurettes: - Danger Zone: The Making Of Top Gun - Multi-Angle Storyboards with Optional Commentary By Director Tony Scott - Best Of The Best: Inside The Real Top Gun - Behind-the-scenes - Survival Training

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BRPA143784 Top Gun Collector's Edition DVD (1986/Tom Cruise/Val Kilmer/Kelly McGillis) $24.99