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With a career beginning in vaudeville, Red Skelton found success in radio and film before his television variety show brought him into America's living rooms in 1951. Skelton's slapstick bits and colorful characters were extremely popular and the show remained on the air for two decades. A strict adherent to the concept of doing only one take, his program retained an off-the-cuff style, with flubbed lines and frequent ad-libs becoming part of his immense charm. Red Meets Archie Moore: Champion prizefighter Archie Moore stops by to knock some sense into Red. The Da Vinci: Art expert Vincent Price appraises Freddie the Freeloader's original Da Vinci. The Spy: Red tries to keep an inventor's secret safe from spies. Cleopatra: Martha Raye portrays Cleopatra and Red is the servant that rejects her affections.

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