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Three U.S. Mail planes have been shot down by a mysterious ray-gun. Cargo has been stolen and their pilots are missing. Undercover Agent, Eric Lane (Herman Brix) is assigned to pose as a pilot and discover who is behind the daring robberies. Marion Bronson (Joan Barclay) stows away on Eric's plane to avoid an arranged marriage to the insufferable Count Barski (Duncan Renaldo). When the decoy craft is shot down with its surprise passenger aboard, Agent Lane must act fast to save the girl without blowing his cover. Sky Racket is one of five films between 1936 and 1937 starring both Herman Brix and Joan Barclay. Best known for his athletic prowess and being the hands-down favorite to play Tarzan by the character's creator Edgar Rice Burroughs, Brix (who later changed his name to Bruce Bennett) celebrated his 100th birthday on May 19th, 2006.

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