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Western star Rory Calhoun swaps shootouts for swordplay in this “excitement-filled tale of deviltry, romance, loyalty and treachery” (St. Petersburg Times) directed by the producers of TV’s The Saint. A dashing ex-officer in His Majesty’s army, Captain Adam Corbett (Calhoun) becomes embroiled in intrigue when he agrees to escort Colonel Wilfred Jackson (Ian Hunter) and his daughter Pauline (Patricia Bredin) on a perilous quest for treasure. Possessing one-quarter of a map, they soon rendezvous with three mysterious characters, each with a fragment and a secret agenda. Armed with only a sword and his wits, Corbett battles brigands, soldiers and thieves as he accompanies the expedition to the island of Monte Cristo, where betrayal and fortune await.

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WAA354152 Secret of Monte Cristo DVD (1961/Rory Calhoun) $19.95