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The lovely and innocent Mary Ankers has been named a beneficiary in the will of a mysterious stranger, but to claim the money Mary must travel to the mysterious Fog Island where the will is to be read at midnight! Aboard the S.S. Enterprise, en route to Fog Island, Mary meets Madame Ouspenskaya, Count Vega, Edna Oliver and the handsome Grant Gardner. They too have been named in the will. Luckily Mary has sassy star reporter Roz Darrow and photographer "Ace" Zucco along to watch over her. Roz and Ace soon find their destiny colliding with that of P.I. Mike Flanigan, who is helping famed detective Mr. Wong. Flanigan and Wong are investigating a murder that occurred in the office of Merian C. Cooper on the RKO movie lot. Flanigan's gut tells him there is something sinister about the will and accompanies Roz, Mary and Ace to Fog Island. On the island they meet creepy doctors Armand and Vitus Tesla and their grim staff who have evil plans for Miss Mary. Can Mike Flanigan and Grant Gardner protect her from the Terror in the Tropics? Inspired by film noir tribute Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, writer/director A. Susan Svehla uses footage and dialogue from Poverty Row classics starring Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney, Jr. to create a completely new film, albeit a homage to Monogram, PRC and Chesterfield. Although filmed in 2005, Terror in the Tropics channels the B spirit of the 1930s and '40s. With it's black and white photography, emulsion scratches, snappy dialogue and fondness for its subject, the film seamlessly blends modern photography with 70-year-old film clips.

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ALP1016 Terror in the Tropics DVD (2005/Bela Lugosi) $5.99