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Pioneering sci-fi TV series TALES OF TOMORROW aired 85 episodes between 8/3/51 and 9/13/53 on the ABC-TV network. These half-hour stories often featured many famous Hollywood stars (like Boris Karloff, Franchot Tone and Burgess Meredith) as well as some up-and-comers (James Dean, Rod Steiger, Joanne Woodward, Leslie Nielsen). Special effects, props and scenery are minimal, yet this forerunner of TWILIGHT ZONE, THE OUTER LIMITS (and so many others) has a charm all its own. The fourteen chapters on volume three are all from TOT's second season. Also available is TALES OF TOMORROW, COLLECTION ONE which contains 13 star-studded season #1 shows. CONTENTS include titles, original airdates and principal actors. DISC ONE-- Seeing-Eye Surgeon (9/5/52) - Bruce Cabot Youth on Tap (9/26/52) - Robert Alda/Harry Townes/Mary Alice Moore/Ralph Porter/Bernard Burke The Horn (10/10/52) - Franchot Tone Many Happy Returns (10/24/52) - Gene Raymond/Edwin Cooper/Flora Campbell/Clifford Sales/Richard Trask The Window (11/7/52) - Rod Steiger/Don Medford/William Coburn/Merle Albertson/Mort Abrahams/Frank Maxwell The Fatal Flower (12/12/52) - John Hammer The Bitter Storm (12/26/52) - Joanne Woodward/Arnold Moss/Phillip Pine DISC TWO-- Another Chance (2/13/53) - Leslie Nielsen/Robert Middleton/Virginia Vincent The Great Silence (2/20/53) - Burgess Meredith/Paul Ford/Lilia Skala/Charles McClelland/William Kemp/Glenn Styres The Fury of the Cocoon (3/6/53) - Nancy Coleman/Peter Capell/Cameron Prud'Homme/Fernande Gude Read to Me, Herr Doktor (3/20/53) - Mercedes McCambridge/Everett Sloane/Ernest Graves/William Kemp Ghost Writer (3/27/53) - Leslie Nielsen/Gaby Rodgers/Murray Matheson/Harry Mehaffey Past Tense (4/3/53) - Boris Karloff/John McGovern/Katherine Meskill/Robert F.Simon The Evil Within (5/1/53) - James Dean/Rod Steiger/Margaret Phillips

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