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Josef K. awakens one morning to find that he has been arrested by officers who refuse to disclose the charges. His nervous protests estrange his friends and neighbors who proceed to distance themselves while his every action seems to further indict him. Josef's attempts to discover his alleged crime pull him into a perplexing world full of secrets and lies. As the horror and brutality of this nightmare world becomes apparent to Josef, he attempts to fight back with argument, avoidance, disobedience and pleading - all to no avail. Orson Welles' vision of Kafka's world is faithfully disorienting, absurd and suspicious. From the vast, overwhelming courtroom to the wasteland of books and papers in the advocate's office, Josef K. is spectacularly dwarfed by the power and madness surrounding him. Accented by a revolutionary "pinscreen" prologue and remarkable performances by Anthony Perkins and Orson Welles, The Trial is a brilliant adaptation of Kafka's masterpiece.

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ALP4154 Trial, The DVD (1962/Orson Welles) $5.99