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Special agent Britt Hunter discovers a sinister Soviet plot to destroy America. A Russian operative (barely disguised as a cowboy) waits in the badlands to unleash a deadly bacteria. Hunter goes undercover as a rock and roll singer to corner the enemy spy. The radioactive device, fastened around the neck of a rabbit, is the target of an international ring of counterespionage agents from every corner of the world. As the cadre take turns attacking the Soviet operative and clobbering each, the rabbit disappears. Britt joins forces with the beautiful daughter of a local rancher to save the country and capture the foreign agent. This broad, slapstick farce, the only comedy in his credits, plays to Arch Hall, Jr.'s strengths, full of good music and laughs both intentional and unintentional.

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ALP4253 Nasty Rabbit DVD (1964/Arch Hall, Jr.) $5.99