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Isaac Hayes stars as two-fisted bounty hunter "Truck Turner," tracking down bail jumpers in the inner city. When his latest quarry is murdered, a contract is taken out on his life, and the hunter becomes the hunted! Explosive urban actioner, directed by Jonathan Kaplan, also stars Yaphet Kotto, Nichelle Nichols; look for cameos by the great Dick Miller and "Our Gang" alumnus Stymie Beard. And, "Hammer" is a hard-hitting actioner starring Fred Williamson as a professional boxer who must put his career, and his life, on the line when his Mafia backers threaten the woman he loves. Bernie Hamilton, Vonetta McGee, D'Urville Martin co-star. 185 min. total. Widescreen/Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.

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MG114480 Truck Turner/Hammer DVD (1974/Isaac Hayes/1972/Fred Williamson) $14.98 $13.49