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A range war is brewing in Carson City, Nevada, spurred on by the violence and greed of the Consolidated Cattle Company. By employing gunslingers to keep other ranchers off of public land, the company has brought murder and bloodshed to this once peaceful town. Blackie Weed (Ken Maynard) and his sidekick Joe arrive in town to work for Consolidated, but when he sees how they operate, Weed decides to offer his services to one of the small ranches instead. One of his new co-workers, secretly on Consolidated's payroll, frames Blackie for murder. Hunted by both the crooked cowboys and the Sheriff, Weed has no choice but to topple the company to clear himself. The Two Gun Man is one of the finest westerns produced by low-budget Tiffany Productions. Starring Ken Maynard, the man best known as the cowboy who taught John Wayne how to do his own stunts, The Two Gun Man features plenty of frontier action, from barroom brawls to desert gunfights.

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ALP4980 Two Gun Man DVD (1931/Ken Maynard) $5.99