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The Red Lips are Regina (Rosanna Yanni, the blonde) and Diana (Janine Reynaud, the redhead) a pair of statuesque female sleuths for hire. Their target is sinister artist Klaus Tiller (Adiran Hoven, the film's producer). He likes to pick up women at the local clubs, and then have his werewolf servant Morpho kill them while he snaps photos to use as reference for his paintings. When Tiller's wimpy art dealer (Jess Franco, the film's director) lets Diana steal one of the paintings for evidence, Klaus stabs him. Regina then goes undercover as an art-buying countess, seducing her way into new clues. The trail leads the luscious ladies to a posh beachside hotel, where they tangle with playboys, dodge police, and lounge around in lots of unbelievably fabulous 1960s outfits. Klaus meanwhile is eyeing his next victim, Diana. This is fast-paced European comic book-style lunacy, with Franco and company obviously having a great time. Viewers will too, if they are able to get in the right mood, and can get past the bad dubbing. Jerry Van Rooyen composed the juicy, madcap jazz score.

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ANB10803 Two Undercover Angels (aka Sadistoerotica/1968/Reynaud) $5.99