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Tex Wyatt, Jim Steele, and Panhandle Perkins point their horses towards the town of Custer, where a rash of cattle thefts has placed Anne Miller and her Flying N Ranch on the verge of bankruptcy. Land company manager, Frank Martin, has been secretly orchestrating the rustling of Ann's herds, intent on selling the property out from under her. Anne's only hope to save the ranch is the estate's trustee, Mr. Dobbs, so Martin orders his men to kill him before he makes it to Custer. Happening upon the crime scene, Tex is fingered for the shooting, but his pal, Panhandle, masquerading as Custer's new circuit judge, frees him. With Tex out of jail, the trio must unravel Martin's operation before their true identities are revealed. PRC produced twenty two Texas Rangers films between 1942 and 1945. Jim Newill was the only Ranger to leave the series, and was replaced by Tex Ritter after fourteen pictures. Ritter would stick around for the final eight releases.

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