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Gorgeous Claire Cummings sneaks away from her wedding to millionaire Carl Hanneman for a moment on the terrace - long enough for a passionate embrace with ex-boyfriend Les Burns, the man she still desires. Her social climbing has left a wake of jilted men, heartlessly discarded once she decides they no longer fit her plans for upward mobility. Carl is found dead less than a week after their wedding. The police determine that it's a case of suicide, leaving Claire a very wealthy widow. A would-be blackmailer and a second husband turn up dead, but the dim-witted police detectives are totally taken in when Claire frames her old pal, Les. A stubborn criminal psychologist is determined to unravel the truth behind the trail of corpses. This sexy film-noir thriller features a strong supporting cast including Russ Vincent as the low-life aviator/blackmailer. Director Jack Bernhard (Appointment With Murder, Decoy) found his perfect femme fatale in actress Leslie Brooks, whose icy good looks and seductive moves are utterly convincing.

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ALP4764 Blonde Ice DVD (1949/Leslie Brooks) $5.99