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Despite a rash of bizarre murders which have the whole town on edge, Prince Florizel and Colonel Geraldine roam London's streets in search of adventure. They learn of a strange secret society ? a Suicide Club. Ever curious, the intrepid pair manage to infiltrate the club, and get indoctrinated into its ways. All of the members are world-weary souls who wish to die but lack the courage to commit the act themselves. At meetings, cards are drawn and 2 members are secretly selected - one to die and the other to commit the murder. Prince Florizel attempts to ferret out the mysterious leader who is growing rich on the misery of his membership. But when he is chosen to perform the next execution, he will be forced to either commit murder or die. The Suicide Club is based on three short stories by Robert Louis Stevenson originally published in London Magazine in 1878. This Chevy Mystery Show episode from 1960 is based on the first story, "Story Of The Young Man With The Cream Tarts." The three Stevenson stories were combined and first published as The Suicide Club in The New Arabian Nights in 1882. Since 1909 over a score of versions of the tale have appeared in motion pictures and television, most recently a 2007 Spanish adaptation, El Club de los Suicides.

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ALP6824 Suicide Club DVD (1960/Everett Sloane/Vincent Price) $5.99