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The Sundown Trail (1934, B&W): Wally Barton is intent on driving off encroaching sheepherders who have been grazing their flocks on his dad's ranch. He lowers his loaded six-gun when he finds out that the owner of the offending flocks is a gorgeous blonde named Mickey Moore, and decides to allow her herds to feed as they pass through. But Wally will have to risk his life for Mickey, when a crazed ranch foreman leads an armed gang of cowboys hell-bent on shooting down every last head of sheep! Wally Wales, who stars in this rare Imperial Distributing Corporation production, was an accomplished horseman hired by Universal. He broke into films as an extra in 1915. By the 1920s, he was starring in a series of silent westerns. When roles began to dry up in the mid-1930s, he changed his name to Hal Taliaferro, and appeared in scores of westerns as a supporting player. He worked steadily up until the 1950s, when he was able to retire to his family's Montana ranch, and devote himself to his passion for landscape painting. Starring Wally Wales, Fay McKenzie, James Sheridan, Barny Beasly, Jack Kirk; Directed by Robert Emmet Tansey. The Invaders (1912, B&W, Silent): White men break their treaty, and the outraged indians attempt to massacre every man woman and child at a nearby army outpost. This rare silent treasure was directed by Francis Ford, older brother of the legendary John Ford, and features beautiful outdoor location photography. Starring Art Accord, William Eagle Shirt, Francis Ford; Directed by Francis Ford & Thomas Ince.

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