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A professor is in search of a hidden treasure in the lost city of Lukachukai. When he disappears in the frontier, his daughter puts together an expedition to find him, led by Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan and Max Terhune. While enroute to the Whistling Skull, a giant rock formation in sacred Indian territory, the party becomes plagued by a mysterious killer who shrouds his murders in ancient Indian curses. Meanwhile, the professor is held prisoner in the skull and it's up to the Three Mesquiteers to save him from his captors and unveil the killer. Whistling Skull was filmed on location among the cliffs in St. George, Utah and features thrilling high altitude stunts and special effects.

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ALP4185 Three Mesquiteers: The Riders of The Whistling Skull DVD (1937/Bob Livingston/Ray Corrigan) $5.99