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The Three Mesquiteers come to the aid of displaced flood victims lured west by notorious scam artist Phineus T. Flagg and his crooked Paradise Land Syndicate. Unable to pass up Flagg's offer to sell them 40 acre parcels of ranch land with no money down, the refugees eagerly sign deeds and head to Gunsmoke Valley, where they hope to build a new town and get a fresh start. Mesquiteers Stony Brooke, Tucson Smith and Lullaby Joslin learn of Flagg's involvement in the venture, and uncover a scheme that will leave the new landholders right back where they started. The settlers have chosen to trust their seemingly genuine benefactor, so it's up to The Three Mesquiteers to expose Flagg and his cohorts for the criminals that they are.

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ALP4746 Three Mesquiteers: Gunsmoke Ranch DVD (1936/Ray Corrigan/Bob Livingston) $5.99