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Haunted by the death of his kid brother, Tom Durling leaves Chicago behind for a fresh start in California. Hoping to sell his car, Tom arranges a meeting with a fast-talking woman named Betty and her boyfriend, Jack. Betty and Jack aren't really interested in buying the car, though... they just need a patsy with a fast ride to help them escape the scene of a violent bank robbery. The thieves flee the crime scene, leaving a policeman dead and Tom unconscious with a pistol in his hand. The law wastes no time pinning the murder on Tom. Unable to convince the cops that he's been framed, Tom sees his last glimmer of hope fade with the death of Steve Reynolds, the only witness to the robbery who could vouch for his innocence. Facing a sure conviction, Tom escapes police custody and has a chance run-in with Reynolds' sister, June. Tom suggests that they team up to capture the real criminals and she reluctantly agrees to help him. A lucky break puts them right in the middle of the dangerous syndicate - they'll need to think fast if they want to make it out alive. Beginning her career in film and eventually transitioning to stage productions and television programs, Barbara Britton is perhaps best known as the "face" of Revlon during the 1950s and '60s and for her role opposite Richard Denning in the "Mr. and Mrs. North" television series.

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