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Marked For Murder (1945, B&W): A range war erupts between cattle men and sheep ranchers, with each side accusing the other of rustling. Ranger Dave Wyatt enlists the help of old friend Tex Haines in investigating the origins of the feud. Evidence points to the sheepherders as the instigators of the violence, but Wyatt has his own theories. He concocts an elaborate scheme to prove their innocence. Starring Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson, Marilyn McConnell, Ed Cassidy; Written & Directed by Elmer Clifton. Bad Men Of Thunder Gap (1943, B&W): Rangers Tex Wyatt, Jim Steele and Panhandle Perkins go undercover to investigate the hijacking of food shipments destined for hungry miners in the Texas hills. Forced to take out loans from the local general store owner, the miners will have to turn over their claims to keep from starving, unless the Rangers can solve the mystery of the disappearing supplies. Starring Dave O'Brien, James Newell, Guy Wilkerson, Jack Ingram, Charles King; Directed by Albert Herman.

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