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The legendary Harry Houdini stars in this action-packed, well-produced South Seas adventure. Philanthropist Harry Harper takes his new invention, a deep diving submarine, to the Pacific on a quest to bring back sunken treasure, in order to fund a children's charity. Although his maps lead him to untold millions, he is pursued by treacherous Job Mordaunt, whose bloodthirsty crew are willing to kill for much less. Mordaunt's determination to steal the fortune away from Harper, will lead to an inevitable explosion of violence that only one can survive Born Erich Weiss in Budapest Hungary in 1874, Harry Houdini is magic's greatest luminary. A master escape artist, debunker of charlatans, and a spiritual mystic who sought to commune with the dead, Houdini's name is now synonymous with miraculous, death-defying feats of escape. Houdini died in 1926 of peritonitis, nine days after his appendix was ruptured by an unexpected blow. This rare edition of Terror Island contains all of the surviving footage and is as complete as possible.

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