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Fanged terror rises from the tomb in this artfully executed vampire chiller. An upper-class patriarch must keep the body of his deceased wife sealed in his jungle mansion's secret mausoleum because her corpse is now inhabited by a demon. Consumed with a thirst for human blood, the animalistic "Mother" puts the bite on her own son Eduardo, who proceeds to make victims of other family members and their loved ones. But the forces of darkness don't have a monopoly on invading the mortal world... Soon Eduardo is contending with a ghost who has come back for the ultimate battle of good vs. evil. Director Gerardo de Leon was one of the Philippines' most respected filmmakers and the recipient of eight FAMAS Awards (the Filipino equivalent of the Oscar). He occasionally turned his hand to horror with a human dimension, telling this tragic vampire story with eerie atmospheric effects, action and powerful emotion. Blood of the Vampires scored FAMAS nominations for Best Picture and Best Director while star Amalia Fuentes won for Best Actress.

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Special features * Rediscovered missing scenes * House of Terror rare promo * Commentary track by Samuel M. Sherman * Theatrical trailer

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ALP1055 Blood of the Vampires DVD (1970/Eddie Garcia) $5.99