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Stepping On The Gas (1927, B&W, Silent): Young American inventor Johnny Mack builds the fastest, most efficient car engine ever seen. His competitors are so impressed, they steal the plans. This rare short builds to a spectacular chase sequence climax, featuring two race cars blazing through scenic California highways. Stars Kenneth MacDonald, Robert Littlefield. Directed by Harry Moody. The Girl And Her Trust (1912, B&W, Silent): This tale of a faithful telegraph girl who risks her life to stop a pair railroad thieves is notable as an early directorial effort of Hollywood legend D.W. Griffith. The director's ability to propel the action forward cinematically with very few title cards is already evident. Also notable is the appearance of future Poverty Row workhorse Christy Cabanne in the role of the baggage handler. Stars Dorothy Bernard, Wilfred Lucas, Christy Cabanne. Directed by D.W. Griffith. The Juggernaut (1915, B&W, Silent): This Vitagraph powerhouse delivers incredible action sequences of a giant locomotive speeding out of control, climaxing with a catastrophic crash so convincing that, upon its initial release, had audiences leaping from their seats. Stars Anita Stewart, Earle Williams. Directed by Ralph W. Ince. Zampa (1930, B&W): Zampa, the overture of French operatic maestro Herold, is brought to life with the stunning visuals of William Cameron Menzies in this action packed short subject. Directed by Eugene J. Ford.

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