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Angel of mercy "The Flying Doctor" is en route to a remote plague-stricken Eskimo village when his plane crashes. He survives but finds himself lost in the vast Alaskan wilderness hundreds of miles from civilization. Alone in the frozen wasteland he faces death at every turn from sub-zero temperatures, wild animals and the raging fury of blazing forests. Through super-human perseverance he lives to roam the hostile landscape, desperately hoping for rescue. All-American football star Del Cambre, who portrays the resourceful doctor, is filmed on location in this remarkable production which took over a year to shoot. Thundering avalanches of ice and herds of wild beasts threaten the stranded aviator as this amazing film leaves you wondering how it was accomplished. Tundra was reissued as Arctic Fury in l949 with additional footage shot by producer Boris Petroff. The director of Tundra, Norman Dawn also directed Petroff's dinosaur vs shipwrecked colonists "epic" Two Lost Worlds in l950 starring James Arness.

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