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"Tiny" Betty Norton is left orphaned when her dad is gunned down during a bank robbery. Ted Wright steps in and takes the little girl to live at his ranch until a proper home can be found. Aided by his pretty girlfriend, Helen Mason, a stable home is provided for young Betty. But Ted learns that Betty's dad was murdered because he possessed valuable railroad maps. Crooked land speculator Bruce Laird and his gang want the maps and take "Tiny" hostage. Outraged, Ted saddles up with guns loaded to save his young charge and bring the crooks to justice. Thunder Over Texas was directed by Edgar G. Ulmer under the pseudonym of Joen Warner (to conceal his efforts from his bosses at Universal) and was written by his future wife, Shirley Alexander (Sherle Castle). Guinn Williams, nicknamed "Big Boy" by Will Rogers, had a long successful career as a western star with appearances in such noteworthy films as Dodge City (1939) and Santa Fe Trail (1940).

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