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In Video Vixens, Clifford Bradley, president of KLITT TV, is on a crusade, a crusade to reintroduce sex to American culture. To this end, he stages his ultimate plan to save Americans from being reduced to "unisex hippies" and "faceless and fruitcakes." He is prepared to resort to staging a patriotic coup by hosting a Stag Films Awards show, even at the cost of his job. He'd rather be a martyr sacrificed after the winning first battle of a long war. In a nod to Dr. Strangelove's General Jack D. Ripper, he claims that America is losing its libido because of a conspiracy in the government, which has introduced a chemical in hand soap, hexachloraphene, which makes soap act in the same way that Graham crackers and corn flakes allegedly do. And whenever he goes off on a crusading speech, a snare drum is heard rat-tat-tatting as if in a war movie. It stands to reason; after all, he is the field marshal of his crusade.

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TTV3200 Video Vixens VHS (1984/Robyn Hilton) $5.99