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The swamp folk of the deep Okefenokee live a brutal primitive life untouched by modern times - they support themselves by hunting alligators and selling them to the outside world. Jeff returns home from college with an engineering degree and dreams of bringing modern medical care and education to the swamps. He is immediately confronted by his old boyhood rival, "Gator-Bait" Blair, who thinks things are just fine the way the are. "Gator" whips the ignorant locals into a frenzy of fear and resistance. When Jeff is unintimidated by their threats, Blair sets out to stop his plans once and for all - with a rifle. Untamed Fury contains a fascinating look at a lost culture, most notably depicting the use of children as gator-bait, and a brief early appearance by E.G. Marshall. Steve Pendleton (billed here as Gaylord) was active in movies and TV from the 1930s until the 1970s with over 200 titles to his credit. Mikel Conrad would write, produce and appear in The Flying Saucer (1950) but is best-remembered for his small role in Godzilla, King Of The Monsters (1956).

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