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OH DRATS! The not-so-smooth, top-hat wearing villain by the name of Cribs (Alan Mowbray), has set his eyes on the beautiful Mary Wilson (Anita Louise). To win her heart, he devises an ingenious, foil-proof plan to bring ruin to the reputation of our hero, Mary's husband, Edward (Richard Cromwell). Cribs tempts him with the demon rum, causing a tragic deterioration of his mental state. CURSES! The villain does not count on Edward's best friend William (Buster Keaton) stepping in to save the day. William will do whatever it takes to rescue his friend, even if that means starting a cream pie riot with the city police. Based on the melodramatic play "The Drunkard," by Jules Mary, The Villain Still Pursued Her includes a humorously random laugh track, added by director Edward Cline to help convince the film's audience that they are actually watching an elaborate stage play.

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ALP4610 Villain Still Pursued Her DVD (1940/Buster Keaton) $5.99