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The Christmas Episode is a long-standing tradition for many popular television shows, carrying warmhearted messages that celebrate the season. These very special episodes let beloved TV characters bring cheer and good will to their loyal audiences at home while providing some carefree relief from holiday stresses. Liberace: "Christmas Show" - Flamboyant pianist Liberace, the show's cast and a jovial Santa (who looks suspiciously like Liberace's brother) perform a musical revue. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: "Christmas Tree Lot" - Ricky and David must raise money to buy Ozzie a very special Christmas gift, and they decide to go into business selling Christmas trees. The problem is that they need a loan from dad to start their profit-making enterprise. Love That Bob: "Grandpa's Christmas Visit" - Perennial ladies man Bob Cummings welcomes his grandfather home for Christmas, but he cannot keep up with the old man's busy schedule... especially his romantic escapades. Meet Corliss Archer: "Christmas" - Janet and Corliss are dying to know what Harry bought them for Christmas, but he has misplaced their gifts. Where's Raymond: "Christmas Spirit" - Legendary entertainer Ray Bolger dances his way through his young niece's imagined visit to a toy store. Date With The Angels: "Christmas Show" - Gus and Vicki Angel get their neighbor a job as a department store Santa Claus. The Scrooge-like store manager is outraged to find that "Santa" is giving away toys to the children instead of selling them.

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ALP4903 Vintage Christmas TV Classics, Volume 2 DVD (Liberace / Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet / Love That Bob / Meet Corliss Archer / Where's Raymond / Date With The Angels) $5.99