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A team of astronauts are stranded when they crash land on Venus. The mysterious planet holds many perils for the crew, who are assaulted by prehistoric creatures and bewitching alien women. The Venusian sirens are enraged when the astronauts kill their god, a terrible flying beast, and vow to destroy the invaders. Turning their fury against the explorers, the beautiful aliens call upon the deadly powers of their ancient gods. As the planet is engulfed in lava and assaulted by storms, the Earthlings must find a way to escape Venus and prevent their ultimate destruction. Roger Corman hired Peter Bogdanovich to film scenes of Mamie Van Doren which were paired with groundbreaking special effects taken from the Russian film Planeta Burg. Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women was Bogdanovich's directoral debut and also featured him as narrator. Corman had previously utilized footage from Planeta Burg in 1965's Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet.

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ALP4258 Voyage To The Planet of Prehistoric Women DVD (1967/Mamie Van Doren) $5.99