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In the lawless town of Rio Hondo, cowboy Johnny Moon has been accused of stagecoach robbery, the rape of a beautiful bar girl and murder. The crimes were actually committed by his twin brother, Notah, a white man raised as a marauding Comanche. "One of us must die," declares Johnny, giving Notah four days to come to Rio Hondo for a fight to the death. As a gang war explodes between two renegade town leaders, Moon waits for his savage brother to arrive, dodging punches, bullets and romance. When Notah finally arrives, he's not alone - he rides in with a horde of Comanche warriors! William Shatner, on a break from "Star Trek," went to Spain to film White Comanche, hoping Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western gold would strike twice. He stars with veteran actor Joseph Cotten, who started out in Orson Wells' Mercury Theater and appeared in many classic motion pictures, including Citizen Kane (1941), The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) and Shadow of a Doubt (1943).

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ALP5401 White Comanche DVD (1967/William Shatner) $5.99