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EVERYBODY’S DANCIN’: Dance hall owner Dick Lane, in desperate need of "name" attractions, is helped by country music legends who agree to star in a TV special at his emporium. Appearances by Spade Cooley, the Sons of the Pioneers (including Ken Curtis and Shug Fisher), outstanding vaudeville specialties and guest stars Roddy McDowall, Jimmy Ellison, Russell Hayden, etc., are the real draw. VARIETIES ON PARADE: It's vaudeville on film as the camera passes a box office and ticket taker, proceeds to a front-row seat, and watches as master of ceremonies. Jackie Coogan comes out on stage to introduce singers, dancers, acrobats, jugglers, cyclists--even a skit spoofing the silent film “The Kid” which made Coogan a famous child star!

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Special Features: Commentaries on Varieties on Parade, by film historians Richard Roberts, Brent Walker and Randy Skretvedt, Short subjects: Foto Facts: Part 1? (1947) & Vaudeville Home Movies? (1948).

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