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Black Orchid There is more than a hint of the Oscar winning Marty in this quiet and well observed drama ,shot in luminous black and white by Robert Barr and directed with economy and restraint by Martin Ritt. Anthony Quinn plays a widower who falls in love with Sophia Loren - the Black Orchid of the title.She is a widow whose husband was entangled with the mob and killed in a mob hit.She is eking out a living working in an artificial flower company and worrying about her son who is a persistent escapee from the county farm. Initially resistant she soon falls heavily for Quinn's rough-hewn charms but there is an obstacle - the staunch opposition of his possessive daughter, played by Ina Balin. Breath of Scandal American democracy falls in love with Austrian aristrocracy in "Breath of Scandal," one of Sophia Loren's lesser-known movies. The frothy Hollywood movie takes a look at aristocratic attitudes and class differences, and Loren does a magnificent job with her snobby character. In 1907, Princess Olympia (Sophia Loren) was banished to her late husband's country manor, after a scandal in Vienna. But while horseback riding, she is knocked off by Charlie Foster (John Gavin), and decides to seduce the sexy American. She ends up passing out, and wakes up the next morning thinking that she and Foster were intimate. After the emperor forgives her for the scandal, Olympia is to return to Vienna -- for an arranged marriage to a stuffy Prussian prince. But a hint of scandal could derail the whole thing. The problem is that Charlie has also arrived in Vienna to see Olympia's father (Maurice Chevalier), and the prince's spurned mistress (Angela Lansbury) is looking for dirt on Olympia.

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