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"I'm Gonna Explodes" introduces Roman, the privileged son of a local congressman. Roman's trauma stems from the death of his mother and the blame that he places firmly on his father's shoulders. With homicidal fantasies, including a brutal opening sequence, it's hard to immediately get behind the sullen character. Fashioned as a modern Holden Caulfield, there is a certain powder keg quality to Roman's early scenes. Then we have Maru. Her main affliction seems to be that she is disconnected--and her underlying diagnosis has something to do with her father deserting her at an early age. Maru is intrigued by the confrontational Roman and the pair run off together in what seems to outsiders to be a kidnapping. But Maru and Roman may be closer in proximity than anyone realizes. Soon the blunt edges of the beginning are softened as the picture shifts in focus to a tentative romance. Isolated, the two initially see this as a grand adventure. But as time goes by--Roman uses Maru to further withdraw from the world while Maru starts to understand that she may have a place in society. As they move away from their constructed home, stealing a car, getting into fights, pilfering weapons--things start to come to a head. The fantasy must end at some point, but can they extricate themselves before disaster strikes?

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MP9740 I'm Gonna Explode DVD (2008/Maria Deschamps) $24.95