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MGM's 1937 adaptation of Aurania Rouverol's play Skidding, A Family Affair, proved such a stunning success that production on a film series was green-lit almost immediately. Keeping three of the cast members (Mickey Rooney as Andy Hardy, Cecilia Parker as sister Marian, and Sara Haden as Aunt Milly), the Hardy series was launched in 1937 with You're Only Young Once with the addition of Lewis Stone (Judge Hardy), Fay Holden (Mrs. Hardy) and Ann Rutherford (Polly Benedict). It was not long before Rooney's boundless energy and talent stole the show (and the hearts of teenage girls all over the USA), and Andy Hardy took over the series. (Not that anyone minded!) This collection features a sextet of sensational picks from the Hardy series, none of which have ever been available on DVD, some not available in ANY format. Each film comes packaged in its own DVD case, complete with artwork based on the original posters. Films include: You're Only Young Once (1937) On vacation with his family on California's Catalina Island, Andy Hardy falls head over swim fins for a sophisticated young beauty (Eleanor Lynn). Out West with the Hardys (1938) The Hardys out west! While Judge Hardy gets into a legal wrangle to save an old friend's ranch, Andy tries to turn a bronco into a jalopy and Marian tries to lasso herself a cowpoke. Judge Hardy and Son (1939) Andy juggles four different girls while trying to locate the estranged daughter of an elderly immigrant couple only to see his mother fall seriously ill. With Maria Ouspenskaya. Andy Hardy Meets Debutante (1940) Andy falls for the picture of a glamorous debutante (Diana Lewis), so he tags along with Judge Hardy on a crusade to save a NYC orphanage. Good thing Andy's gal pal Betsy Booth (Judy Garland) is around to help out. Andy Hardy's Private Secretary (1941) Andy's all set to graduate from high school when he fails his English exam - in spite of having his very own private secretary (Kathryn Grayson, in her screen debut). Life Begins for Andy Hardy (1941) After graduating from high school, Andy heads for New York, but the big city is tough on a small-town boy. With Judy Garland in her final appearance as Betsy Booth.

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