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The first episode, "Darkness Falls" opens with a group of loggers at a remote camp making the decision to abandon the camp and flee on foot for their lives. None of them makes it, so Scully and Mulder travel to the camp. A local forest ranger and the head of security of the company that owns the camp accompany them. A group of environmental activists called "monkey wrenches" are sabotaging logging operations in the area. When Scully and Mulder arrive, they find the camp deserted and from the food still sitting on the table, it is clear that the crew left very hastily. They make contact with a monkey wrench afraid for his life and they find a human body cocooned in a tree. An unusual species of insect is responsible and the antagonists must somehow work together in order to survive. "The Erlenmeyer Flask" opens with a man who is apparently human in a car fleeing from the police. It turns out the man is clearly superhuman; he easily overcomes several police officers armed with batons and even though shot twice, manages to flee and dive into the water and never surfaces. A mysterious informant contacts Mulder and encourages him to take an interest in the situation. In a very short time, this becomes another case of an extremely secret government program to create some form of hybrid super being.

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