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Where There’s a Will: A Cockney family inherits a rundown Devon farm. Not everyone is pleased by the prospect of leaving the city, but the father insists and off they go.o problem persuading Alfie to stay and help her run the farm as her husband. 1955, b&w, 79 min. Down Among the Z Men: A group of World War II spies attempt to capture a secret atomic formula and it is up to military-man Harry Jones (Harry Secombe) and Carole Gayley (Carole Carr) to stop them. 1952, b&w, 68 min. Love in Pawn: To raise money a wife pawns her struggling artist husband. His new family takes a liking to him - particularly the daughter! The wife tries to redeem her husband but finds she has lost the pawn ticket. 1953, b&w, 82 min. Those People Next Door: A working-class woman and a RAF officer fall in love. The affair causes upset in both families as they are aware that such inter-social class relationships are frowned upon. The parents' attitudes change when the officer is reported missing in action. 1952, b&w, 77 min. No Smoking: A clever chemist develops a pill that cures smokers of nicotine addiction. Realizing the marketing potential, he makes his discovery public, but encounters strong resistance from the international tobacco industry, which does its best to stop him. 1955, 72 min. Not So Dusty: Two sanitation workers get an unexpected bonus when they encounter a rare book that was accidentally tossed away. Soon they find themselves pursued by thieves. 1956, b&w, 81 min.

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