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OIL has several highlights: "What is that little white dot, anyway?" Mike moves from a roller-disco owner (the disco being Rik's room) to Godfather (who puts a deer's head in Neil's bed) to international oil magnate (after Vyvyan discovers oil in the basement while playing murder in the dark). BORING--Oblivious to the strange things going around in their home, the boys try to come up with ways to fight ennui. The episode culminates in a trip to the pub where the band Madness comes up with every excuse not to play for the lads. The best part is when Vyvyan runs into his mum. What a strange bird! FLOOD--Rik and Vyv are at it again. Neil bangs a frying pan against his head for no apparent reason, and landlord Alexei drinks Vyv's potion that turns a normal person into a homicidal maniac. Fortunately, Alexei's transformation into Jack Nicholson's "The Shining" character rescues Neil from being cannibalized by his housemates.

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WAE1156 Young Ones: Oil/Boring/Flood VHS (1982) $5.99