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Vic Murkland (ROY BARCROFT ), a notorious underworld character, escapes from the penitentiary. Dr. Benson, who is in league with him, alters Murkland's features with plastic surgery so that the gangster is the exact duplicate of Angus Cameron, the police commissioner. Cameron is kidnapped and imprisoned at Benson's sanitarium. Enter Special Agent Ted O'Hara (CLAYTON MOORE ) from Washingtom who joins forces with policewoman Frances Blake (RAMSAY AMES ) to investigate the Murkland case. In a series of exciting and harrowing adventures, O'Hara and Frances battle the racketeers to a thrilling climax. The full serial runs 167 minutes. Produced by Mike Frankovich, and directed by Fred C. Bannon and Yakima Canutt. All 12 chapters of this 1947 Republic serial, digitally remastered in the original black and white, in NTSC , regions-free format, presented on two DVD-R discs, and should play on any standard DVD player.

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ACC23 G-Men Never Forget DVD (1947/Clayton Moore) $24.95