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In Italy, it was considered the 'unofficial sequel' to DAWN OF THE DEAD. In England, it was known as ZOMBIE FLESH-EATERS and banned as obscene. In America, it was called ZOMBIE and advertised with the depraved tag line "WE ARE GOING TO EAT YOU!" Tisa Farrow (MANHATTAN), Richard Johnson (THE HAUNTING) and Ian McCulloch (CONTAMINATION) star in this worldwide splatter sensation directed by the Maestro Of Gore Lucio Fulci (CONTRABAND, CONQUEST, THE BEYOND) that remains one of the most eye-skewering, skin-ripping, gore-gushingly graphic horror hits of all time! Now ZOMBIE has been remastered from it's original camera negative. Each flesh-eating frame has been lovingly restored to skull-rotting perfection. This is ZOMBIE like you've truly never seen or heard it before!

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