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Susan Retik and Patti Quigley were two ordinary soccer moms living in the affluent suburbs of Boston until the tragedy of September 11 struck. Rather than turn inward, grief compelled these women to focus on empowering widows in the country where the terrorists who took their husbands’ lives were trained: Afghanistan. As Susan and Patti make the courageous journey from their comfortable neighborhoods to the most desperate Afghan villages, they discover a powerful bond with each other, an unlikely kinship with widows halfway around the world, and a profound way to move beyond tragedy. From the ruins of the World Trade Center to Kabul and back, Beyond Belief is a journey of personal strength, international reconciliation and a testament to the vision that peace can be forged… one woman at a time.

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Song of Freedom Director: J. Elder Wills Country: U.K. Year: 1936 A british born stevedore finds fame as a concert vocalist, then travels to Africa to trace his lineage. U.K. 1936. 80 min. B&W. Big Fella Director: J. Elder Wills Country: U.K. Year: 1937 Robeson stars as a Marseilles dockworker who harbors a young boy who has run away from his wealthy parents. U.K. 1937. 73 mins. B&W.

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