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Biograph Shorts (Special Edition) Director: D. W. Griffith Country: U.S. Year: 1909-1913 The selection of motion pictures featured in this two-disc set traces D. W. Griffith's rapid, unparalleled development as a filmmaker during his five year stint at the Biograph Company -- a development that contributed substantially to the emergence of film as a powerful form of cultural expression. The Birth of a Nation Director: D. W. Griffith Country: U.S. Year: 1915 A profoundly influential and controversial film, this is the epic story of two families, one northern and one southern, during and after the Civil War. D. W. Griffith’s masterful direction combines brilliant battle scenes and tender romance with a vicious portrayal of African-Americans. It energized the NAACP and also inspired African-Americans to move into filmmaking as a way to offer alternative images and stories. Intolerance Director: D. W. Griffith Country: U.S. Year: 1916 This double set presents the silent spectacle that took the art of film making to new heights, interweaving four thematically united stories of inhumanity throughout history. Broken Blossoms Director: D. W. Griffith Country: U.S. Year: 1919 The heartbreaking story of a waterfront waif (Lillian Gish) from the Limehouse district of London who escapes the abuse of her father (Donald Crisp) through a doomed relationship with a Chinese immigrant (Richard Barthelmess). Orphans of the Storm Director: D. W. Griffith Country: U.S. Year: 1921 Two delicate souls (Lillian and Dorothy Gish) are caught in the tempest of the French Revolution.

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