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Beautiful criminology student Karin poses as a prostitute to gather information first-hand for her thesis. The pretty blonde is hired on the spot by the nefarious Madame Clavius, proprietor of Berlin's most elite brothel. Karin is deeply distressed when she meets her old friend Madeleine, and finds that her luxurious lifestyle has been financed by her years as a call-girl. What's more, Madeleine is in love and wants to quit the racket. The trouble is whenever a girl attempts to leave Madame Clavius' establishment, she is found dead. Feeling trapped, Madeleine contemplates suicide, but Karin is determined to help her find a way out. Gorgeous German actress Eva Bartok was a concentration camp survivor best known for her roles in The Crimson Pirate (1952), Spaceways (1953), Operation Amsterdam (1959) and Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1957). She was also noted for her five marriages and several high-profile Hollywood paramours, among them Frank Sinatra, who she claimed, in later life, was actually the father of her daughter, Deana.

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ALP5747 Naked in the Night DVD (1958/Eva Bartok) $5.99