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Jack K. Huston plays a twenty-something Hemingway-ish writer living a splendidly bohemian low rent ex-pat existence in Paris until he meets a wealthy American (Mena Suvari) on a kind of art buying holiday. Once these two meet, the young "Hemingway" is introduced to the finer things in life (new sports car, new clothes, expensive restaurants & chalets) but also to a more decadent side of life (as it turns out that his new bride is a bi-sexual gender-bending adventurer). At first the young writer goes along with his flirty new brides games and even dyes his hair blonde to match hers (which gets shorter & shorter & more boyish as the film progresses). But when these platinum blonde twins invite a third to play in their love games, a struggle for creative control over the relationship ensues.

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